The most
complete system 
of interlocked
sockets and
isolator switches.
You can install 
and forget!

    The Advantages

All the products of the TAIS series are made of thermosetting(GRP),

the material by Palazzoli that elimeinates the propagation of flames,

does not emit toxic gases and resiste over time the reaction to chemical agent. 

The TAIS "heart" is an isolator switch with the AC3-AC23A category at rated current that allows safe operation even with highly inductive loads.

The fuse-holder base in ceramic and interlock system in steel, which are tightly fixed on the bottom of the socket, are the best materials for the maximum safety.

TAIS operation is the only patented system that allows to identify the switch status even at far distance. It is predisposed to be padlocked in positions 0 and 1.